Complete Information regarding The Exam of MOH Oman


Complete Information regarding The Exam of MOH Oman

In this Post we will share all details about MOH exam which are taken in Oman, so be with us.

The Exam of MOH, Sultanate Oman is held on the first Sunday of every month.

Exam Pattern: 

It consists of two sections:


50 MCQs (10 Pediatrics+10 Medicine+10 Surgery+10 Obs & Gyne+10 Therapeutic) for Medical
Officers (GP) both Private & government Sections

(The exam pattern is changed, now there are 70 questions with two hours time, passing is 60% or 42 correct responses). 

Oral section:

Oral Section usually held after 1 to 2 weeks.

There are No Penalty scores for false answers in MCQs for General Practitioners, but for specialists only &
probably in Medicine MCQs for GP- Government paper.

Is there any difference between papers of Private and Govt. Sections? 

No, there is no remarkable difference between the papers for Private & Government sections.

How many MCQs repeat in MOH Oman Exam?

About 50% of MCQs are repeated every month.


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